Transdimentional Dance Retreat


30th October 2022 10AM - 4PM

A 6 hour day retreat celebrating Samhain, the day the veil between dimensions is at its thinnest. Let the veils be lifted and call on your ancestors to release what no longer serves you and call in what needs to be activated within. On this special day, we will be holding space for intentions to be made as we cook the cauldron of transformation, calling in the powers of ​​Ceridwen; the Celtic Goddess whose land is Cymru, whose home is behind the veil. She who transforms and inspires with true beauty of the world, who heals, who knows both sides and holds the light as we enter Samhain.  Call forth the gifts within you to share with the world as we clear, eat, alchemise with sound and medicinal mushrooms; as we dance to the rhythms of life.


  1. Opening ceremony - Cleansing ceremony, Introductions, tarot card guidance, intention setting (1 hour)
  2. Ancestral Ritual - Calling in ancestors to connect with them, mentioning names and intentions, bring a family heirloom or personal sacred item to place on the altar/shine to strengthen the connection between dimensions - (30mins)
  3. Vegan Lunch - (45 mins)
  4. Sound Alchemy Experience with Bristol Fungarium Mushroom Tinctures - sound bath session with Phan and Francisco (1 hour)
  5. Trans Dimensional Dance Journey - led and mixed by Ataya aka DJ Joolz (1 hour)

Closing ceremony - sharing circle, honour our ancestors close circle with ceremonial ritual. Farewells (45mins)



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